Accountant (Ernst & Young)
Bank Account Clerk (Mercantile Bank)
Bank Teller (Boatmen's Bank)
Bank Teller (First Star Bank)
Bookkeeper / Account Clerk (Champion Products)
Broker�s Assistant (A. G. Edwards)
Business Office Representative (SBC Global)
Cashier (Grand River Technical School)
Chief Executive Officer (General)
Chief Executive Officer (Illinois Sports Facility Authority)
City Manager (St. Ann City Hall)
Communications Consultant (Atlas Communications)
Communications Manager (SBC Global)
Communications Public Relations (NBA - Chicago Bulls)
Communications Repair Technician (SBC Global)
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Computer Aided Design Drafter (CADD)
Computer Programmer (Linn State Tech. College)
Computer Systems Analyst (Digital Equipment Corporation)
Construction Admin. Clerk (Pelham, Phillips & Hagerman Architectural)
Construction Manager - Female (SM Wilson)
Construction Supervisor / Manager (Associated General Contractors)
Customer Service Representative (SBC Global)
Deaf Communications / Translator ( St. Louis Comm. College )
Design Engineer (SBC Global)
Dispatcher (KC Police & Fire Departments)
Employment Counselor (Illinois Workforce Development)
Employment Interviewer (SBC Global)
Entrepreneur - Clowns (Chicago Student)
Entrepreneur - Graphic Artist (Chicago Public Schools)
Financial Manager (Lincoln National Life)
Food Service Manager (McDonald's Corporation)
General Manager / CEO (Boeing Corp.)
Graphic / Commercial Artist (General)
Graphic Artist - Student Entrepreneur (Chicago Public Schools)
Hand Packers & Packaging (Moog Automotive)
Hotel / Motel Manager (Marriott Hotel & Cascade Inn)
Industrial Production Manager (GM, Ford, Moog Automotive)
Industrial Truck / Tractor Operator (USA Trucks)
Information Systems Manager (Assoc. Wholesale Grocers)
Insurance Adjuster, Examiner (State Farm Insurance)
License Clerk (Nixa City Hall)
Loan Officer / Counselor (Boatmen's Bank)
Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Manager (Boeing Corp.)
Municipal Clerk (St. Louis School Dist.)
Network Engineer (Illinois Century Network)
Office Clerk (St. Louis School Dist.)
Paralegal (St. Louis Circuit Courts)
Payroll Clerk (Kansas City Chiefs)
Purchasing Manager (Boeing Corp.)
Real Estate Agent / Broker (Wash Realty)
Real Estate Manager (East Lake Management)
Real Estate Property Manager (Wash Realty)
Receptionist (Lincoln National Life)
Recreation / Amusement Attendant (Six Flags)
Reservation / Ticket Agent (Silver Dollar City)
Retail Sales (Kansas City Public Schools)
Retail Sales Person (Famous Barr)
Secretary (Kansas City Public Schools)
Service Technician (SBC Global)
Software Engineer (Motorola)
Stenographer / Court Reporter (St. Louis Comm. College)
Stock Clerk (Fabick / Caterpillar)
Telephone Operator (SBC Global)
Veterans Workforce Developer (MO Dept. of Economic Development)
Vocational Education Teacher (Various Career Centers)